New Zealand Professional Florists Inc.


About Us

The original organisation, the Society of New Zealand Professional Floral Artists Inc. was founded during 1930. The first Annual Meeting was held on June 25th 1931. 

The objectives of the Society were “to promote and encourage the highest standard of floral art and to encourage the exchange between members of ideas, principles and policies of conducting a retail floral artists’ business”. 

The original membership was seven. Membership was by invitation only. As early as 1935 efforts to introduce an examination system began. At the 1939 Annual Meeting the terms of an entrance examination were settled and from that date entrance has been based on examination success. On the outbreak of war the examinations, which had been organised for “students desiring to obtain certificates for qualifications in professional floristry” were set aside and not resumed until 1946. From that date success in the Diploma examination was the qualification for entry into the Society. 

In 1974 membership was enlarged by the addition of Members from the two telegraphic flower organisations, Interflora Pacific Unit Limited and Teleflower Incorporated. Proprietors of businesses thus acquired membership by virtue of their membership of one of these bodies: the Society’s Diploma however, is still only available through success in the examination. 

In 1974 the Society’s name was altered to the Society of New Zealand Professional Florists Incorporated. The greatly enlarged membership since 1974 has served to strengthen the organisation. Candidates for examinations were coming forward in increasing numbers. The high standard of work being achieved reflected the success of pre-examination seminars and the improved organisational structure. 

In 1996 a further restructure was necessary to open membership to all professional florists and the name was changed again to NEW ZEALAND PROFESSIONAL FLORISTS INCORPORATED.